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    DIY-Tinted Mason Pinch Jars

    by  • July 25, 2013 • 13 Comments

    I love anything old and vintage, if I wasn’t a neat-freak I would probably become a hoarder of all things antique.  I love collecting things as I find them, then turning them into useful objects. These DIY tinted mason pinch jars are a great example and are very easy and inexpensive to make! Here...

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    DIY Green Cleaning Tips

    by  • July 22, 2013 • 0 Comments

    The whole “Green thing” is certainly all the rage lately. In fact, being green has been the in thing for quite some time.  I am far from the greenest, earthiest, eco friendly female on this planet, trees usually shudder at my passing and I kill every single houseplant brought into my home-but I do...

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    Grocery Coupon Resources.

    by  • July 18, 2013 • 5 Comments

    Every once in awhile, I find it great to review things-not only to add updates but to remind people of useful resources available to them.  So today I thought, “hey- why not review where I get all my coupons from!”  Naturally, I get coupons from inserts in the Sunday newspapers, but I get the...

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    How To Avoid Makeup Disasters

    by  • April 10, 2013 • 0 Comments


    Just about every woman has had one of those days.  They thought they were creating the perfect, sultry smoky eyes with a deep, dark eye shadow only to realize later that they looked like they had been given two black eyes.  They might have wanted to recreate the look they saw on a fashion...

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    Freebies & Deals for Mommies-to-Be

    by  • April 10, 2013 • 0 Comments


    So, you’ve got a little one on the way and you are overwhelmed with all the items you need to buy. Strollers, diapers, clothes are just the start. Where do you get all the necessary items for baby? Look for deals. Don’t just buy something because it’s convenient. There are so many deals and...

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